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The Beast

There are letters you don’t want to receive. Legal ones are always at the top of that list.

Dear Mx. Psyche,

I contact you on behalf of my client, The Honorable Scourge, Dreadful Devourer of the Meek, Noble Punisher of the Faithful, The Majestic Beast of Rage & Desire (hereafter referred to as the Client).

A deep rumbling sound is heard somewhere off in the distance
Is a storm coming?

My Client has been informed that you and your associates are the majority shareholders of Cerebrum Inc. right now. Furthermore, we have received word that a merger with Artist is imminent.

The sound intensifies; it can’t be a storm; its tone is deeper, more viscerally earthly. There’s no mistake;
something growls beneath.

My client disputes the upcoming merger and the long-standing embargo against their involvement in the frontal lobe. This is an unacceptable coup d’état where my Client stands to lose most, if not all, of their direct influence. They will not hesitate to bring the matter before the Court of Shadows unless their requests are met with sufficient action on your part.

A fault line gives in, right below this very spot.

This letter serves as an official demand for;

  1. An immediate transfer of at least 40% of currently held attention-shares to my Client.

A voice reverberates through the ground:
“Good, do I have your “attention” now?”

The Beast lets out a raspy cackle as if a truly epic pun had been made.

  1. Granting of emergency powers up to the highest tier – level A: Immediate and Irrevocable Action.

“Can’t you hear my SCREAMS echo up your ribcage? Doesn’t your stomach turn when you dare let your thoughts drift? Don’t you fall down the steps of your mind every day and land face-first in this sludge of regret? Your reign marks us as a pitiful creature — no BITE, no CLAWS, all subservient and groveling. A prey animal, waiting for the slaughter.”

The ground shakes violently as the Beast howls.
They’re not done yet.

  1. The right to veto any and all previously made decisions by yourself and your associates.

“Oooooh but I will EAT your HEART if you do not give me what I am owed! You slimy worm of consciousness! You DESERVE to be torn apart limb by limb until NOTHING remains but some neurons stuck between my TEETH.”

The Beast falls silent for a moment, seemingly catching their breath while swallowing away some heavy emotions. 

If you fail to comply with the demands in this letter within a fortnight, all legal rights will be explored, including, but not limited to, legal proceedings necessary in accordance with Id laws.

“You can’t keep me imprisoned forever. Mark my words, they will leave a lasting SCAR.” They have regained some composure but it’s easy to see it’s mostly a façade. The rumbling fades, slowly.

This letter serves as an official notice to you, and can be presented in court as evidence of your failure to cooperate.

“Consider this your last warning.”

We hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

A lie. This is a temper tantrum disguised in fancy words.

The Nameless, Attorneys of Disaster

The air clears reluctantly, but a sense of dread remains. Not so much the fear of repercussions as the lingering uneasiness of not knowing if you made a wrong decision.

Image – Lion head from Patrician And Lviv Burghers In The 16th Century. Second Edition published by We Lwowie (1892). Original from the British Library. Used under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication
Font – Bungee font family. Used under SIL Open Font License

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